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iMeter is an internet of things (IoTs) device that measures electricity digitally, detects almost any known electricity theft, manages electricity and tariff, provides multiple payment options, logs activities in real time while integrating a dedicated mobile application interface (MAI) and an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Our AMI architecture accelerates a unique platform for the integration of smart meters, big data management systems and meshed communication networks for the purpose of an extensive 2-way communication between electricity distribution companies and users. We currently have single phase and three phase iMeters. The single phase iMeters are used for customers who receive electricity supply from a single phase channel while the three phase iMeters are used for metering customers who receive electricity supply from a three phase channel.


  • Affordable meters: iMeter compared to locally made and imported meters is very affordable because we skillfully and keenly created software to replace some hardware functions. Electricity users without meters are billed based on estimated meter reading which has made the cost of electricity high for many. Hence, our affordable smart meters will mean more people will have meters which will eliminate bill estimation.
  • Accurate and real time meter reading: iMeter as an Internet of Things (IoT) device provides accurate digital energy measurements, billing and tariff management in real time over the internet thereby eliminating inaccurate meter reading and the cost of going from house to house to submit bills , take readings and check for energy theft.
  • Electricity Energy theft Prevention: iMeter has very highly sensitive theft detection sensors that detects all the known energy thefts with theft location reports in real time to utilities thereby reducing vandalism, electrocution, cost of operation and improving revenue for them.
  • Reduces cost of operation: Utility companies send bills to electricity users by going from house to house; while to pay electricity bills or lay complaints electricity users have to go to utility offices or banks. However, iMeter design integrates mobile and web application software that serves as user interface providing 2-way communication between consumers and utilities over the internet allowing them to share and access analyzed metering data in real time over the internet with big data management services.
  • Improved customer experience: Electricity users experience a lot of poor customer care in the metering services. With iMeter user friendly mobile application, electricity users will have access to their meter readings, energy management features, smart connect /disconnect and convenient bill payment solutions from anywhere in the world.

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The iMeter has also been engineered for reliability in electricity metering in order to give fast and accurate result for for electricity consumers and utility companies

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