Fedironics Intelligent Metering Company Limited is a smart metering solution provider founded in 2016, after the creation and patency of our innovative smart meter called Intelligent meter (iMeter). Fedironics uses Internet of things (IoTs) and artificial intelligence to provide exceptional and smart electricity metering solutions. We believe that everyone has a personal power and access to electricity is the key to unleashing this power for the good of humanity. So our vision is to improve access to electricity through our affordable smart meter. Fedironics has also received a license as Meter Asset Provider (MAP) from the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). iMeter tested hardware and trusted software stack underpin the revolution of industrial IoT in two fundamental ways: it provides the foundation for electric smart grid, yet a cost effective gateway and network bridge for other Internet of Things irrespective of their communication mix. We provide utilities companies with iMeter hardware which they install for their consumers or we may provide directly to consumers. We also provide them with utility web and mobile application software which gives them access to real time data of activities performed by their meters and on their meters. Such activities include electricity billing, meter reading and energy thefts to mention but a few. We provide electricity users who have iMeter hardware installed with iMeter consumer web portal and mobile application software which they can download from app stores and on our websites. These applications give them access to their meter readings, energy management features, smart connect /disconnect and convenient bill payment solutions from anywhere in the world. In August 2018, we were contacted by the parent company of the largest electricity distribution company in Nigeria, Ikeja Electric for service offering and testing of our samples on their network. We will also be providing our metering solutions to Benin Electricity Distribution Company as one of its meter asset providers. Samples of iMeter is currently been mass produced.


To be Nigeria’s number one smart electricity metering company and household energy management solution provider by 2021


To create and provide great and highly innovative products and solutions to solve the indigenous challenges facing the metering of electricity and household energy management in our communities.


Our management leadership seeks to take our teams of employees not just where they want to go but where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.


Simplicity: Intuitive creativity

Precision: Getting it right the first time, every time!
Imagination: New thinking, new world
Integrity: Purpose and Principle driven
Collaboration...let us create!

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The iMeter has been optimized for your convinience in managing the energy useages of our clients with a near real time payment and billing system

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The iMeter has also been engineered for reliability in electricity metering in order to give fast and accurate result for for electricity consumers and utility companies